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21 Mar


Now available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback from Kaden Shay and Supposed Crimes, All About the Girls Volume 1 – Lux!

Kaden 1 (1)

Life is full of twists, turns and changes. The choices we make can dramatically alter the path we walk, and the people who walk it with us. This series follows seven women, all lesbians as well as friends, as their lives climb, spiral, and swerve. Sometimes even falling apart around them. At the end, will they all remain friends or will their choices take them down such different roads they lose each other?

Lux has been on a downward spiral in her personal life for several years, not that she’s recognized her behavior as such. Her developing feelings for a member of her circle of friends has the ability to send her into a panic, rushing into the arms of whoever happens to be available. Can she accept the rapidly deepening emotions before they tear her apart? Does she have what it takes to commit? Will her behavior as she comes to terms with it all cause a fracture in the friendships she’s always known?

This is the first of eight books which will be released in this series. Get your copy now on by following the link below.

Or email me at to purchase a signed copy! As always, your purchase of either the ebook or paperback is greatly appreciated as are reviews!

Happy reading my literary friends!

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